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Discovering AMU : Centenary Chapters Revealing 100+ Years of Legacy

Atif Hanif is Celebrating the Centenary of Aligarh Muslim University (1920- 2020) with everyone in this Unique Book. The idea is to capture all the 360 degree aspects of AMU and present it in a single book! The book in two volumes, contains more than 100 chapters that cover the Rich History, Culture & Heritage of the Aligarh Movement. Photographs (both old and new), calligraphy, paintings, maps, letters and much more are all present in the book to support the content. Such an all-inclusive concept has never been attempted before in the history of Aligarh Movement. The book promises to be an engrossing page-turner.

Atif Hanif is a Brand & Marketing Professional who has worked in various MNCs. Based at Lucknow, his interest includes Literary, Cultural & Social Aspects. He is an Alumni of AMU and in view of the Centenary Celebrations of AMU, he has done a remarkable work by compiling all the aspects of his Alma Mater in a book which is never before kind-of-work ! This is the second book of the Author.

Book Weight : 2730 gms
Hardcover : 584 pages
Volumes : 2
Dimensions : 29.7 cm x 21 cm
Language : English
ISBN : 978-81-947980-4-0
Publisher : Xtraordinary Life Media Pvt Ltd

You can order your copy by paying online :

Name : Xtraordinary Life Media Pvt Ltd
Bank : Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch : Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
IFSC : KKBK0005196
A/c No : 5245190226
Cost : Rs. 2,000
Discount : 15% (Centenary Discount)
Pay Only : 1,700 (inclusive courier, within India)
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the story of Ishtiaq mahout of Corbett Tiger Reserve
Aqeel Farooqi

This book tells the story of legendary mahout Ishtiaq. He actively served in the Corbett Tiger Reserve during the eighties and nineties. Corbett Park goers from that period are sure to have had the pleasure of an elephant safari with Ishtiaq and his elephant Rumbha. He was an excellent raconteur of jungle tales, drawn from his lifetime experience of forest life. His humour, wit and dialect were unmatched, and when he held forth on exciting stories of the 'tayger' - as he pronounced tiger - it used to be spell-binding.... He is no more, but a man like Ishtiaq needs to be talked about and remembered. He was a veritable storehouse of jungle lore, and had great stories about Corbett Park, its tigers, its maneaters, the tiger hunts that he was a part of, during times when royals and forest officers actively pursued shikar. The author’s recollections about Ishtiaq’s narratives are quite vivid, and he has penned them all in this book.

Aqeel Farooqi is an M. Sc (Zoology) and an MBA. He is a retired government officer, based at Lucknow. He has served for 31 years in the Uttar Pradesh State Transport Department. His passion for forests and wildlife has been consistent and undeterred all through his life. He has been voluntarily involved with conservation organizations like WPSI and IBCN. He has spent a lot of time in learning and imbibing the nuances of jungle craft from his forest sojourns and interactions with people involved with wildlife and its conservation. This is his first book.

Book Weight : 340 gms
Paperback : 245 pages
Dimensions : 5 inch x 8 cm
ISBN : 978-81-947980-3-3
Publisher : Xtraordinary Life Media Pvt Ltd

You can order your copy by paying online :
Name : Xtraordinary Life Media Pvt Ltd
Bank : Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch : Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
IFSC : KKBK0005196
A/c No : 5245190226
Cost : Rs. 350
Delivery: Free (Within India)
Kindly contact separately for overseas order
Contact : 7985599042

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