Cleanliness Drive at ‘World Heritage Day’

World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind. April 18th is celebrated as World Heritage Day, with the aim to enhance awareness of the importance of cultural monuments and heritage of humankind, and redouble efforts to protect and conserve human heritage. The ‘Citizens for Lucknow’, a group with the shared purpose of conserving Lucknow’s rich heritage monuments, has organised event on Thursday 18th April at the Hussainabad Clock Tower area.

Cleaning drive at the Hussainabad clock tower and step well area. 200 children from CMS chowk were there along with Citizens for Lucknow and other Heritage lovers. The Mayor of Lucknow, Sanyukta Bhatia was there to grace the event with her presence. Nukkad Natak with the theme preserving our heritage, keeping it clean was executed by children.

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