How about training the teachers !

After the great success of first workshop session with junior school staff and on high demand by teachers in St. Mary School, Amberganj, Lucknow; again NurtureLife stepped up for its second session with them. NurtureLife here is with a mission to reduce stigma and raise the inner self to voice their problems related to mental health. With a mission to strengthen the pillars of society, i.e. Teachers, mentally. We are here to discuss the importance of teacher and student well-being and psychological distress. In another words we can say that NurtureLife here is to strengthen and build an association between teachers depression and students well-being. So keeping this point in concern NurtureLife has organized a workshop with the Teaching staff of St. Mary Inter College, lucknow. Teaching is a very noble job which shapes the character, caliber and profession of an individual. Now a days teachers are facing more challenges than students and face lot of mental pressure on them. And sometimes this pressure increases to that stage of mental illness. Teachers are particularly vulnerable to declines in mental health and teenagers are often described as an unwelcome bunch of learners that pose multiple difficulties to teachers. And still in our developing country India we see mentall illness as a big and shameful thing for person facing it.

Hence NurtureLife has taken the responsibility to face the challenges and tried to spread awareness on mental health prevalent issues in our society. This is an NGO which has been formed for the promotion of mental health prevalent issues in our society. Purpose of this workshop was to create positivity and self satisfaction in teachers. To draw out the negativity and doubts from inside is a tough job but NurtureLife made it possible by conducting the successful sessions. During the session, participants break down their silence and stared discussing their querries and doubts with our psychologist present there. Thus the session was so interactive and useful for them. At the end of the workshop Participants were filled with positivity and cheers . Hence purpose of NurtureLife to break the stigma in our society added one more Stigma free zone in educational institute. NurtureLife promise not to stop this mission till we reach the optimal stage in all the sectors of society.

Project manager, Tarannum Anzar has conducted the workshop.  She  told that what is the importance of teacher in the lives of all other profession. She also added that how NurtureLife took this bold move in performing a duty for the nation is highly appreciable. Day by day NurtureLife is growing with a mission of mentally healthy  society and a stigma free country. As a result of this dedication and hardwork AMUOBA ( Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association) Lucknow chapter has associated with NurtureLife. Farah Sarosh, Founder and Secretary at NurtureLife, spoke that how our country is facing the loss where lack of awareness to mental illness is there. She said that NurtureLife team, promise to work harder to remove this stigma from our society and spread awareness. Mental health is like any physical health/ illness and can be cured by treatment. She told that how NurtueLife is trying to touch all the sectors of society to reach the masses from doctors to patients, from teachers to students, from bosses to labours, from home makers to maids, and many more…

Our very experienced psychologist, Dr Kumud Srivastava has done the session with bunch of information that generally people are not aware about. She filled the soul of  teachers with confidence that if they are facing any mental health problem or complain then there is nothing to feel shame in that, its like any other physical  illness. She told the audience the causes, effects and cure for such problems. All the participants has taken this workshop with interest. Event was concluded with vote of thanks by Tarannum Anzar . At last Team of NurtureLife, teachers and staff of School recited mental health pledge.


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