Prakash Utsav Celebrated by People of All Religions

Awwal Allah Noor Upaya, Kudrat Ke Sabh Bandey,
Ek Noor Te Sabh Jag Upjeya, Kaun Bhale Kau Mandey

(First, God created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings. From the One Light, the entire universe welled up. So who is good, and who is bad?)

Team – Shoulder to Shoulder joined the birth celebrations of Guru Nanak Ji on 23rd November 2018 at DAV College, Lucknow. His teachings are manifested in the festivities of Guru Nanak Jayanti, where thousands of people are fed food irrespective of their religion, caste or creed. Anam Haseeb and Tarandeep Kaur are good friends and celebrate festivals jointly. They were here with S2S jointly and are of the opinion that Indian culture is very rich and the Unity in Diversity is the key aspect of Indian Civilisation ! We should promote the concept of Peaceful Co-existence !

Social Activist Syed Mohammad Taqi participated and placed stall to serve the people with Love and Passion. Athar Mahmood, who is working as Asstt. Professor in a leading Management Institute joined the langar and advocated the message of Peace and Brotherhood. Health camp by Ajanta Hospital Alambagh was a nice gesture to provide medical assistance to people. These occassions can be more impactful to people, if such activities are aligned here.
Special attraction was the stall of ‘Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle’ at the venue. The Head Office of the same is in Model Town Extn., Ludhiana and the State Office is in Kendri Singh Sabha, Alambagh, Lucknow. Book Fair and relevant literature was available here for people to enrich their knowledge. Sarabjeet Singh ‘Bakhshish’ District President of GGSSC informed us that it is recognized as ‘Messenger of Peace’ by UNESCO and this organization is also got certification of ISO 9001:2000 from UKAS. We could also interact with Arvinder Singh – State President & Raminder Singh – District Secretary of GGSSC.

Shoulder to Shoulder member, Nadeem Hussain who is based at Dubai is of the opinion that “Guru Nanak Ji’s teachings helped people to overcome the unjust rulers of their time and emerge a strong and morally equipped community. ‘Vand Chako’ and ‘Kirat Karo’, the most popular teachings of Guru Nanak Ji, emphasized on sharing and helping others while being truthful and honest in our acts, just like Husain ibn Ali. On Guru Nanak Jayanti, let us all introspect and implement the teachings of Guru Nanak and transform our lives for the better”. Happy Gurpurab !

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