It’s time to offer every Namaz at home !

There is something special which was not happening since long, as families started offering joint namaz (jamaat) at home. My mother aged 80 years till my son aged 6 years are offering joint namaz in my drawing room which has been designated as mini masjid since lockdown. This was a provision in Islam in case of emergency and it is now widely used. It is a positive symbol of family bonding and inclination of people towards divine faith ! In view of the Corona Virus Epidemic which is spread in more than 100 countries. The present situation in countries like Italy, Spain, China, Iran etc. are pathetic. There is only one prevention which is Social-Distancing and Government of India has also ordered lockdown as well as closure of every religious place. There are Hadees (Ibn Majah 300, Bukhari 2/307) supporting the incidents where people are instructed in Azaan to offer Namaz in home (salloo fee buyootikum) due to weather conditions. In Middle East and other countries, Masjids have been closed to avoid any loss of life and Azaan have been changed whereas not inviting people to Masjid. The same is being advocated by Ulema across Globe.

Surah Baqarah 2:195 explains, “and do not throw yourselves into destruction”. So, we are only following Quran & Sunnat of Prophet Muhammad SAW. We are also following the rule of the country. We are saving our life and of others too. There would be Azaan from Masjid and people are adviced to offer every Namaz at home. Jamaat can be arranged in home including entire family, as per directions given in Hadees. Innamal A’malu Binniyat, Islam is based on Niyat and Insha Allah we will get full reward for every prayer. Please pray for prosperity of Planet Earth and end of Corona Virus !

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