‘Dancing Lens’ of Ajaish Jaiswal on ‘Dance Day’

‘World Dance Day’ on 29th April was very special for Lucknow as eminent photographer Mr Ajaish Jaiswal paid rich tribute to the dance of Lucknow. ‘Dancing Lens’, as the name of photo exhibition suggest is focussed on the Dance as seen through camera. It is primarily centred around Kathak, the dance of Awadh which was started by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Lucknow Gharana was founded by Ishwari Prasad. Most famous exponent of Kathak is Pandit Birju Maharaj scion of the legendary Maharaja family and son of Achhan Maharaj.

Dr. Kumkum Dhar, eminent exponent of Lucknow Gharana Kathak inaugurated the exhibition. Aditi Thapliyal, Amisha Tiwari & Rosshny presented soulful Kathak performance in the backdrop of artwork to celebrate the occassion. Kathak performances include a dozen classical instruments like Table, Manjira, Sarangi, Harmonium, etc. Kathak communicates stories, rhythmic foot movement, hand gestures, facial expressions and eye work !

Mr Jaiswal started this project in 2012 and clicked around 10,000 photographs from various events. First round of screening reduce the number to 300 and finally 186 photographs are displayed in the exhibition. Mr Ravi Kapoor is the proud art director of this grand event. He is of the opinion that while rock shows are able to gather thousands of audiences, in classical dance performances the number is hardly in hundreds. Through this exhibition, i am trying to draw the attentions of the audience for this art !

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