Let’s also remember and honour Parsa Begum, wife of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Moradabad will always be on the map of the Aligarh Movement. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established School in Moradabad. His Educational and Social activities prominently started after the 1857 Mutiny. On 1st April 1858, Sir Syed was appointed as Sadr-us Sudur at Moradabad. The school was founded here in 1859. It was known as Tehseel School and the name of Sir Syed (the founder of the School) was previously lost in files. Some new construction happened across decades and the Heritage building was in very bad shape. Now the original building is completely lost. His wife, Parsa Begum died in Moradabad (1861) and her grave is in the Shaukat Bagh compound. Interesting to note that the grave of Syed Zainul Abideen is close to Sir Syed in the vicinity of Jama Masjid, AMU and wife of Syed Zainul Abideen is buried close to Parsa Begum.

Grave area at Shauqat Bagh
Graves at Shaukat Bagh
Tombs at Jama Masjid, AMU

On 24th June, I visited Moradabad to meet my Alig friends Mohammad Mohiuddin & Tehzeeb Ahmad. Visit to the school was a big disappointment as the Heritage building was completely demolished a few days back. This is high time to get ourselves aware of our Heritage and Culture first and subsequently work for the preservation as well as promotion. My recent book, Discovering AMU captured the photograph of the grave in Moradabad which was clicked just a few months back by Mohammad Mohiuddin. The positive impact is the installation of inscription recently (the year needs to be corrected to 1861) and it needs more maintenance and beautification. In view of the Centenary Celebrations of AMU, Parsa Begum should be honored as we lack any building / institution in her name at Aligarh Muslim University !

Tehzeeb Ahmad & Atif Hanif at Venue
Archive photograph of Graves
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  1. ask,
    I read your article on Tehseel school-moradabad,its really very sad and shoking for entire amu community and shame on all of us ,we are selfcentred peoples,not caring for our heritage.Its high time when we should initiate the process of rebuilding.Thanks once more for covering such news which provide concern,please be in touch


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